Lawn Care and Lawn Equipment: What You Need to Know

Lawn Care is an area that I find myself doing the most in, not least because I work with people who have been in this field for a while.

The lawn care industry is a huge and growing business, accounting for $2.6 trillion in annual sales and growing by more than 200% since the mid-2000s.

There are so many things to keep in mind when planning a lawn care trip.

This article covers everything you need to know about lawn care.


What is Lawn Care?

Lawn care is the cleaning of the soil surface and the drainage of water.

Lawn care includes cleaning the grass, plants, and shrubs and their roots, which help control weeds and disease, and removing organic matter.

Laundry and cleaning products include bleach, detergent, shampoo, and other chemicals that are used to treat lawns.

The purpose of this article is to get you started, so you can get your hands dirty.


What is Lawn Maintenance?

Lawn maintenance includes the maintenance of the garden or lawn.

Lawns are usually maintained with a lawn mower, an aerator, or a weed mower.

This is the process of applying a chemical called an herbicide to control weeds or grass.

Lawn mowers and aerators are typically installed at a contractor’s location or at a local hardware store.

The contractor may choose to install a garden hose or an irrigation system.


What Is Lawn Care Equipment?

There are several types of lawn equipment: lawn mowers, lawn aerators, lawn sprinklers, lawn mowing machines, and lawn raking machines.

Each type of lawn maintenance equipment includes: an aerating mower (mower) for mowing lawns, an herbicides mower or a water sprayer for weed control, and a lawn fertilizer for lawn mowings.

Some lawn equipment is also designed to do other things, such as provide a shade or provide a soil conditioner.

The types of equipment that lawn care companies use to do their jobs include: lawn-mowing machines that can mow lawns or provide weed control.

They are used for mulching and for mowering grass.

Lawn Care is an area that I find myself doing the most in, not least because I work with people…

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