Lawn care services are at least $500 higher than expected in first quarter

More than $500 million in new services for lawn care were added in the first quarter, including $4 million in direct care, $3 million in indoor and outdoor, and $3.5 million in the specialty care market, according to the state.

 That’s the biggest single-month increase in lawn care service prices, which have been on a tear over the past few years.

More:  A majority of consumers were not aware of the new services, according the report.

It’s unclear whether that’s a result of the surge in lawn service prices or a result, as the state has reported, of increased awareness of the growing number of lawn care expenses.

According to the report, consumers were unaware of the increased costs for lawns and lawn care in the second quarter, but they did know about the increased cost for lawncare.

“A majority have not heard of the cost increases in lawncare services and are unaware of their impact on their ability to pay their bills,” the report said.

A number of other services are also on the rise, including lawn care assistance, home health care, and personal care products.

The new services added to the lawn care market were primarily paid for by new taxes.

About $1.5 billion in new state and local taxes are projected to be passed to residents this year, according.

That includes $1 billion in property taxes and $1 million in sales taxes.

More than $500 million in new services for lawn care were added in the first quarter, including $4 million in…

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