Lawn mower company removes lawn plugs to stop turf fires

Lawn trimming and cutting are the latest in the lawn-mowing business to come under scrutiny from regulators after a federal court ruled the devices violate the Clean Air Act.

In a ruling released Thursday, the National Association of Home Builders and Lawn Mowers Association sued the makers of the plug-in lawnmowers, arguing that the devices are likely to cause serious health problems.

“We’re not surprised by the court’s decision,” said David C. Lander, executive vice president of the National Home Builder’s Association, which represents more than 4,500 manufacturers and contractors.

“It is well-settled that lawn mowers are dangerous and should be kept away from children and pets.”

The ruling from the federal appeals court, however, said the lawnmower’s use of the plugs “has a serious and pervasive impact on the environment.”

It said the devices emit an odor that could pose a health hazard and that the industry is likely to suffer damages.

“The fact that these devices emit a carcinogen like a benzene gas that can be absorbed into the air is the main cause of the plaintiffs’ claims,” the judges wrote.

“They allege that the use of these devices has an adverse impact on their health, and that is a very compelling argument.”

The fact is that, although the devices use some highly toxic chemicals, the only harmful effect they have is on the atmosphere,” Judge Edward F. Boyd wrote.

The National Home Buyers Association, the industry’s main trade group, said it would appeal the ruling.

The association has long opposed lawnmowing, which it says is a more environmentally friendly option than plowing lawns, and has opposed plug-ins for that reason.

The Clean Air Acts are designed to protect public health by preventing harmful emissions from burning fossil fuels.

Lawn trimming and cutting are the latest in the lawn-mowing business to come under scrutiny from regulators after a federal…

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