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A growing number of farmers have taken to the streets of Israel to protest the government’s plan to install lawns in their fields and to protest what they see as the destruction of the land and the livelihoods of their families.

Over the past several weeks, Israel has launched a nationwide campaign against the government, and a number of prominent Israeli politicians have publicly called for its implementation.

In response, farmers across the country have been taking to the roads, calling on the government to stop its plans.

The lawns are seen as a way of restoring the land to a state of nature, in which weeds and pests can no longer survive, the farmers’ union said.

Some farmers have been arrested and others have lost their livelihoods as a result of the program, said Yitzhak Arad, the head of the Israel Land Association.

Arad said he hoped the lawns would prove popular with the public, who are used to seeing the country’s landscape destroyed.

The number of lawns has skyrocketed in recent years, with more than 300,000 planted, according to the Israel Lawn Association.

This year, nearly one million Israelis have planted lawns.

Aradiya, a small Israeli farming cooperative, has been planting more than 6,000 acres of lawn.

In a country of just 10 million, only around 10 percent of the population is growing their own food.

In the past year, the association has received complaints from residents who say the government has encroached on their property, polluted the air, and trampled on the land.

In response to the growing number the association plans to put up new lawns, Arad said the lawn is important for the environment, and that it should not be put up to keep up with the growing population.

The grass can help regenerate the land, Aradiya president Yael Barak told The Jerusalem Report on Sunday.

“This is an important step,” he said.

“I hope this will inspire more farmers to start planting grass.”

The Israel Land Agency said the government had received about 5,000 complaints about the lawn program in the past two years.

In its statement, the agency stressed that it was “not interested in the land or the soil, but in the people, and in the preservation of the environment and its people.”

Israel Land Agency spokesman Yoram Cohen said in an email that the agency has received more than 100,000 requests for the lawn and had taken “a few steps” to respond.

“We have taken all the necessary measures to protect the land,” he wrote.

“The ministry has taken the necessary steps to protect and preserve the land from encroachment.”

Arad, who has been cultivating land in the southern Negev Desert for about 15 years, said he has never seen his land so ravaged.

“The ground is a desert, and the grass is here to stay,” he told The Report.

“My children are young and have not been able to take care of themselves in the fields.

I have no children.”

The lawn program was first announced in late May, and has been met with criticism from farmers and rights groups.

In June, a government-appointed panel recommended against the program.

The government said at the time that the program was necessary for the protection of Israel’s soil and biodiversity.

The government is expected to make a decision on the program in mid-September.

In the meantime, Arads’ group has started an online petition that has received over 1,000 signatures.

“If this is the result of a government decision, we don’t want to see it.

We want to show that the government is not interested in our land and its inhabitants,” Arad told The Israel Report.

A growing number of farmers have taken to the streets of Israel to protest the government’s plan to install lawns…

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