The ‘Cannabis War’ is Over, But What About the War on Weed?

The War on Cannabis has been declared a war on the ‘cannabis plant,’ as the government is cracking down on growers and distributors who use the plant in cannabis products and cannabis-infused products.

But it’s a war that will have to continue, says Ethan Nadelmann, who wrote the book Cannabidiol: How Marijuana Can Save the World, published by Simon & Schuster in March.

The book describes how cannabis has been used as medicine since ancient times, including in the treatment of epilepsy and schizophrenia, and Nadelman says it is time for the government to end the war on cannabis.

Nadelmans book is filled with a lot of facts about the history of cannabis, from the plant’s use as a medicine by ancient civilizations, to its therapeutic uses, to how the drug has evolved in recent decades.

But there is one aspect of the drug that Nadels book doesn’t delve into much: the medicinal properties of cannabis.

Marijuana has long been a popular choice of medicine for people suffering from many ailments, including epilepsy, schizophrenia, cancer, HIV/AIDS, chronic pain and PTSD.

Nabelmans book explains that cannabis is very effective in treating these conditions.

He says that despite its widespread popularity, cannabis has not been as widely used for medicinal purposes as people like to think.

In fact, Nadel says that the cannabis industry has not had a single patient die from using cannabis products for medicinal reasons since it was legalized in the U.S. in 2010.

But Nadel believes that the medicinal benefits of cannabis are not as widely known as the medical benefits of pharmaceuticals.

The medical benefits have not been studied and aren’t well understood, he says.

“Cannabidol has been studied, but it has never been shown to be effective in curing any serious disease,” he says, adding that it is not known how it will affect people in the long run.

In other words, it’s unknown how it might impact people with PTSD, but there are some people who are suffering from PTSD and may benefit from it.

Nuland says that there is still much more to be learned about cannabis.

He is optimistic that we are about to get a breakthrough in this area.

“We need to look at all the data and see if there is anything that we can do that could help patients,” he told CBS News.

“There is a lot more that we don’t know about this drug, and we need to find out what the benefits are.”

The Drug Enforcement Administration says that cannabis has never made it into their list of controlled substances, so Nadel is hoping the book will help convince them.

Nelson says that his book will provide some new information to the public and to the cannabis-using public.

“This is a very exciting time in the history, and the government needs to be thinking about how to continue the progress,” he said.

He hopes that the book can make a difference and help people get more informed about the medicinal uses of cannabis and its benefits.

The Drug Policy Alliance, which is pushing for legalization of cannabis for medical purposes, said that it supports Nadel’s efforts to help educate the public.

They say that Nelson’s book will be an important contribution to the debate about how we regulate cannabis, and how we protect patients.

“While we know the marijuana plant has medical uses, there is no consensus on the medicinal effects of marijuana and its medicinal value,” said Michael Elliott, Executive Director of the Drug Policy Action Project.

“A growing body of research suggests that cannabis extracts may offer a variety of therapeutic benefits, including relief from a variety and increasing number of conditions including PTSD, depression, anxiety and addiction.”

Elliott also said that cannabis research is still being conducted, but that he believes that more studies will come out soon.

The War on Cannabis has been declared a war on the ‘cannabis plant,’ as the government is cracking down on…

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