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It’s time to get ready for the playoffs.

And, oh boy, do we have a lot to do this time.

So let’s get to it.

As you know, I’ve been very active on Twitter over the last week or so.

So I’m going to take this opportunity to take a quick look at what we’ve seen from the Blackhawks in the past few weeks.

Here’s the first thing: The Blackhawks were a playoff team in February, and they finished with a record of 24-18-9.

That’s better than any team in the NHL, but it’s still a disappointing record.

The team was built with a very specific philosophy, and the way it’s played has been pretty consistent over the years.

That philosophy has worked to produce some solid playoff records, and it’s helped the Blackhawks to go through the playoffs once every seven years.

But they’re also missing key pieces.

That team was really good last season, and we’ve been watching that team play for a long time.

They were really good, and then they went through a very rough season last year.

So what’s the big takeaway here?

It’s that, at some point, you have to look at your roster and start rebuilding.

In this case, it’s not easy to rebuild a team, especially when you’re dealing with a player as good as Dustin Byfuglien, who’s coming off a career-high in goals.

But it’s also not easy when you’ve lost your top players for a period of time.

The Blackhawks have a bunch of good pieces that they’ve been building over the past two years, but they’ve also got a bunch that they’re building through the draft and free agency.

They’ve got a lot of young talent, but we’re also getting to see how they’re using their assets and their cap space to get better.

This year, they’ve acquired a lot.

They have a good mix of players, and that’s something we’re not going to get to see for a few more months.

But the first part of the rebuild has to start right now.

We’ve got to start looking at what the Hawks are trying to do, and I’m not sure we have the answers yet.

The good news is that this year’s Blackhawks team is better than last year’s.

They’re better than most teams in the league.

They had some rough stretches last season.

They struggled to get into playoff contention.

But there’s some great pieces on this team, and you have a chance to win some Stanley Cups with a team like that.

The bad news is, the Blackhawks aren’t going to win the Stanley Cup right away.

The Blackhawks finished 10th in the Eastern Conference last season and they’ve got some really good young pieces on that team.

But we’ll see if they’re able to sustain that success.

In addition to Byfoglien and Brent Seabrook, they also have Patrick Sharp and Brent Burns.

Both are really good players, but both of them are under contract for a lot longer.

If they’re not ready to win a Stanley Cup, this team is not going anywhere.

But this team has been able to put together a really good team in its first two years in the playoffs, and there are a lot more good pieces than bad pieces.

So there’s plenty of room for improvement.

But when it comes to the young players, they have some big shoes to fill.

They don’t have a ton of experience in the system, so it’s going to be a lot easier for them to learn this system and the system in general.

So they’re going to have to learn how to play with a lot less confidence, and those two things are going to put them at a disadvantage.

That’s not to say that there aren’t any young players that have a real shot at making the team.

There are some really talented players in this organization that could potentially make the team this season.

But that’s a different story.

So, as a team and a group, I think we’re all excited to see what happens.

We have some young pieces that are going for the Stanley the way that they were in February and January, and so I think the challenge is to build something that we believe is going to make the Blackhawks better this year.

We’ve got good players here, but the pieces have to come together and we have to see if we can have some success on the ice.

But I’m confident that we can get that done.

That should give you an idea of where we’re headed.

I know I’m a little biased here, because we have two really great young players who I believe could really help this team this year, and another one that I think could be really good for a team that is really hungry for the championship.

I think there’s a good chance that the Blackhawks will be able to get a couple more Stanley Cups this year and win some more Cups this time around.

They could be a playoff contender, and maybe

It’s time to get ready for the playoffs.And, oh boy, do we have a lot to do this time.So let’s…

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