US homeowner sales plunge 7% in June as lawn edgers become less common

The U.S. homebuilding industry is down 7% last month to $8.2 trillion, as lawn-edging tools became less common, according to a survey released Monday.

The decline comes as the number of Americans using lawn-garden technology is on the rise, with more than two million homeowners using the device in June, according the American Lawn Association.

Homebuilders, however, say they are finding it is more expensive to make lawns than conventional ones, making them more attractive to homeowners.

The survey by Rental and Home Builders Association, a trade group, said more than 6 million people, or 14% of the U.N. population, are using lawns.

Homeowners are buying more lawns at a higher rate than they have in years past, the group said, with a total of 2.3 million new lawns sold in June.

About 4.1 million of those were sold to investors.

More than 10% of U.L.B.A.’s 1,600-plus membership companies have reported declines in membership since the beginning of the year, the survey showed.

A similar number of companies in the industry have said their sales are down.

“Lawn-grazing products are more expensive than the competition, and they’re being pushed more and more to the fringe,” said Robyn Fishell, a marketing manager at the Rental & Home Builds Association.

Many are using them for their own personal lawns, she said, adding that it has become more important to make sure they are properly maintained.

“They’re expensive, they’re heavy, they take up space, and there’s a lot of other things that people want to avoid,” she said.

Some homeowners, like the owner of the $100,000-plus home where the survey was conducted, are making use of the device because it is convenient, said Rob Gautier, a senior vice president at the American Homebuilding Council.

It’s also convenient when you have kids in the yard, he said.

“It’s nice to be able to have kids playing in the front yard,” Gautiersaid.

In addition, some homeowners have also been taking their lawns outside.

Lawns can be expensive, especially for those in their 40s, who are more likely to live in areas with lots of lawns and can spend more on maintenance, according, the RHA.

The U.S. homebuilding industry is down 7% last month to $8.2 trillion, as lawn-edging tools became less common, according to…

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