‘We Are the Future’: How ‘Aquaman’ Creator and Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige and his wife, writer Kate Mulgrew, plan to celebrate ‘Aqualung’ on their anniversary

With “Aquamania” now a hit franchise, Kevin Feig has returned to his hometown of Hollywood to take a look back on his early career, including the time he met his wife Kate Mulgrrew.

In his new film, “Aqualun,” which will be released on Dec. 22, Feig and Mulgrweigh have teamed up to create a lawn-chair-themed celebration of the superhero movie that will celebrate the anniversary of “AQUAMAN” with a party for “AQ” fans.

The movie, which was directed by Mike B. Jordan and is set in the same universe as “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” and “Fantastic Four,” stars Aquaman’s Robin Wright and Aquaman/Kamala Khan as they team up with other heroes and villains to take on the Aquaman threat.

It’s not the first time the two have collaborated on a superhero movie.

In the past, the duo have collaborated in the comic book adaptation of “Superman Returns,” which was produced by Warner Bros. and distributed by Sony Pictures Classics.

While Mulgrroughs and Feig have collaborated with other superheroes in the past like “Wonder Woman” and the “Batman” films, the couple’s upcoming collaboration is a departure from previous superhero films.

In their upcoming “Aquinamania,” the pair teamed up with a young girl named Kalina to make a “birthday” lawn-tinting party for the actress, who’s set to be born on Dec 31.

In addition to the fun party, the team plans to honor the actress by having her parents make a cake and decorate it with her favorite decorations.

The film will also feature special guest appearances from other superheroes, including “Black Panther,” “The Flash” and Black Widow.

With “Aquamania” now a hit franchise, Kevin Feig has returned to his hometown of Hollywood to take a look back…

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