When a liquid lawn fungus can’t grow back after a lawn mowing, it could be a hazard

A chemical used in lawn mowers and lawn care products that can kill plants has been linked to a spike in lawn fungus cases in the United States.

The fungus, which is also known as “liquid lawn,” can cause heavy infestations that can cause damage to plants.

The fungus, also known by the trade name “forest lawn,” has been blamed for a spike of cases in Texas and New Mexico this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It’s also been linked in recent years to an outbreak in Colorado and a new outbreak in California.

A recent report in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry said the fungus, commonly known as fusarium wilt, has been found in lawns in at least eight states, including New York, California and Texas.

The report also showed a spike from January to June in the number of cases and fatalities, and an increase in the rate of infections, which have increased over the last two years.

The spike was also reported in California, but not in Texas.

There is no treatment for the fungus and no vaccine or treatment for its spread, the CDC said in a statement.

The chemical, which was not listed in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s list of prohibited chemicals, is used in a variety of products including lawn care and garden products.

The agency has urged caution in using it in lawn care.

Experts say that although there’s no known cure, it’s possible that people who live in areas with the grass infestation could be at increased risk of infection.

“If you have a lawn that is infested, and if you mow the lawn regularly, the grass will die,” said Laura Gifford, a professor of environmental engineering at Arizona State University and an expert in lawn science.

Gifford and other experts caution against trying to remove the infested lawn.

The fungi may be able to survive in soil, but if you leave the lawn, it will die, Giffot said.

“I don’t want to mow that lawn, because it’s just a big infestation,” she said.

It’s not clear what chemicals caused the spike in cases and deaths, and experts don’t know if they were spread by lawn care equipment, the lawn itself or the people mowing it.

Experts have found the fungus in lawn products from several companies.

In the United Kingdom, it was found in a lawn vacuum cleaner and lawn chairs.

The chemicals are also found in some lawn care items from a few companies, including lawn mow clippers and lawn mops.

There was no immediate response from any of the companies involved.

“It’s just been a very, very, slow reaction,” said Dr. Steven Siegel, a lawn care specialist and director of the Center for Environmental Health at Texas Health Presbyterian University.

Siegel said he had never heard of an outbreak that was so severe.

“This is a real challenge to the lawn mover industry,” he said.

A chemical used in lawn mowers and lawn care products that can kill plants has been linked to a spike…

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