Which are the best lawns for kids?

With a few weeks left until school starts, many parents are still debating whether to give their children the opportunity to play in the grass or leave it to their neighbours. 

“I think a lot of parents will be looking at what to do, what to leave to their kids, and how they’re going to manage their own lawns,” says Ellie Gorman, founder of Lawn Boy Parts.

“I think some people are going to be looking to just leave it alone.” 

For Ellie, this means leaving a few plants in her garden and taking some care to protect them.

“There’s definitely more space in your garden if you leave your lawns to your neighbours,” she says.

“But for the most part, I think it’s best to leave a lawn where you can see what’s happening.” 

Lawn Boy Parts have a range of lawns, from classic American and British lawns that are easy to grow, to modern hybrids that will suit your lifestyle.

“If you want something that is really grassy, that will look good in the garden, and that is grassy enough to be a backyard, then a bit of a grassy lawn would be good,” Ellie says.

“And then you have to think about whether that grass is actually going to stay in the ground and be able to support the plantings that you need. 

The biggest factor in lawn maintenance is soil.

And with the amount of erosion in the country, there’s more soil being washed away and being lost to the water, so if you’re using grass or an organic grass or whatever you’ve got, then it is a great soil for keeping plants and lawns healthy.” 

Ellie Gorman says that some people think that grass can be grown outside and then put in a container to be put in the yard. 

But for Ellie, that would be a huge mistake.

“I mean, you could do that, but you wouldn’t have a nice lawn and a nice yard,” she explains.

“So it’s important to take into consideration all the different factors and if you are looking to do a grass lawn or an urban lawn, it is absolutely critical to get that right.” 

To find out more about lawn maintenance and to find out how you can take the best care of your own garden, check out our guide to making the most of the garden.

With a few weeks left until school starts, many parents are still debating whether to give their children the opportunity…

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