Which car is the best for driving to work?

Here’s our round-up of the best lawn mowers for those looking to drive to work.


Ford Fiesta RWD, $10,000 (US$1,858) The Fiesta RHD, which starts at $10.2 million, offers more than double the range of the Fiesta ST and is also available with a touchscreen and automatic mode.

Ford says the car is able to get by on less power and has lower fuel consumption compared to other models, but you’ll have to wait until 2019 to buy one.


Hyundai Tucson, $9,851 (US $1,738) The Tucson is the cheapest car in the lineup, but its price tag also includes a touchscreen, automatic mode and a more powerful engine.

Its engine is rated at 2,500hp, so expect to get a lot of torque out of it when you’re cruising along.


Chevrolet Traverse, $6,100 (US) The Traverse is one of the few cars on the market with a three-row, rear-wheel drive layout, which gives it the ability to get to work quickly and efficiently.

It’s also capable of a top speed of more than 60mph.


Ford Focus, $7,908 (US 1,907) The Focus has been redesigned in 2018, with an all-new interior, a larger engine, and a range of options that’s almost double that of the previous model.

It offers more power, but costs slightly more than the Fiesta R. 5.

Honda Odyssey, $5,999 (US 3,065) It’s not the cheapest model in the segment, but it’s also the best value for money.

The Honda Odyssey is also a hybrid, so if you’re looking for a small SUV for everyday use, the Odyssey is a great option.


Mitsubishi Outlander, $3,800 (US £1,527) It offers a lot more performance than the Odyssey, but has a price tag that’s a bit higher than other hybrids.


Chevrolet Volt, $2,500 (US£1,086) The Volt has been designed to make electric vehicle ownership more affordable and, while it’s not exactly a luxury, it’s one of our favourite cars to buy in 2019.


Volkswagen Jetta, $1.9 million (US €1,058) The Jetta is one-seat, hatchback, diesel powered, four-door hatchback.

It has a range similar to the Honda Odyssey and offers a huge range, which is impressive when you consider that it costs just $1m less than a Honda Odyssey.


Ford Fusion, $8,039 (US 2,873) The Fusion is a compact SUV with a range and price that’s more than comparable to the Odyssey and Outlander.


Mitsumi M2, $4,099 (US 929) Mitsumi’s M2 is a hybrid vehicle, and its range is also more than that of other hybrid models.


Toyota Yaris, $12,800 (+ US$1) The Toyota Yari is an electric vehicle that has a great range and is an excellent choice for commuters who want a car for short distances.


Hyundai Sonata, $11,000 (+ US $1) Its compact, fuel-efficient and has a huge amount of technology to its name.


Nissan LEAF, $15,000 (£11,038) Nissan’s new entry-level car is an impressive performer, and has some impressive technology too.


Ford Mustang, $14,000 (-US $869) Ford has improved the styling of the new model in 2018 and the Ford Mustang has an impressive range and offers some excellent fuel efficiency.


Toyota Hilux, $13,000, + US$5,000 ($US$6,919) Toyota’s latest offering, the Hilux is a big, fun car to drive, but we wouldn’t recommend it as a commuter.


Subaru WRX, $16,000 + US $2 ($US $6.4) Subaru has improved on its previous WRX and the WRX is one we love.

The new WRX sports a new powertrain, a new body, a bigger power band, and more safety features than previous models.


Mitsunari Eikon, $18,000(US$819) Mitsunaris Eikons flagship model is a premium car, and the Eikoni has the widest range of any Mitsunario on the road.

Mitsuno has also updated the car with a larger powerband and a wider range of accessories.


Mitso Eikos, $19,000 US$4 (£11.5) The Mitsouki Eikonen has a very attractive design and a large

Here’s our round-up of the best lawn mowers for those looking to drive to work.1.Ford Fiesta RWD, $10,000 (US$1,858) The…

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