Why are lawn mowing equipment costing more at Walmart?

By Jennifer StellmanWalmart is charging customers more for lawn mowers than other lawn equipment retailers, a study found.

Walmart has been the subject of a number of consumer complaints about its prices and pricing practices.

Wal-Mart spokesman Dan Deacon confirmed that the company is charging more for its lawn mowed equipment, but said that the study did not consider that the costs of mowing the lawns are driven by other factors.

Walmarts website says the price of lawn mows ranges from $8.49 for a 6-foot, 3-pound lawn mover to $19.99 for a 10-foot 6-pound mower.

However, a Walmart spokesman told Business Insider that the mower’s price is “not directly related to the size of the lawn, but rather the cost of the tools and materials used to mow the lawn.”

Walmart’s prices for lawnmowers are significantly higher than the prices offered by competitors like Home Depot, Target, Home Depot’s competitor, and Lowe’s, which offer similar products for less money.

In addition to the higher prices for the lawn mowns, Walmart has been a target of some consumer complaints.

For example, a Wal-Mart employee wrote a letter to customers on March 3 complaining that the lawnmower she used was not good enough to be sold.

“You are being sold a product that does not perform at a reasonable price, that has no utility beyond cleaning, and that will cost you a fortune,” the Wal-Marts customer wrote.

“Please call and ask if you want a replacement.

I am so angry and frustrated.”

The Wal-Store employee also complained that she received an invoice for $100 for a mower that could have easily been purchased for $20.

Walmart’s response was that customers can use a promotional coupon code, and customers can “redeem” the coupon by visiting Walmart.com/pay for the product by visiting walmart.com and clicking the link for the coupon code.

The employee’s letter was quickly picked up by other Wal-marts employees.

“I was very surprised when they emailed me a refund, which I thought was an unusual thing to do,” the employee wrote.

Another employee wrote in response to the employee’s complaint, “I have never had an issue with any customer with the service that we provided for them and never will.”

Wal-mart’s pricing practices have been a source of controversy among customers.

In October, a reader named Ashley called Walmart’s customer service line to complain that a customer had been charged more than she had been billed for a service she requested.

“This is absolutely unacceptable,” the customer wrote in an email to Walmart customer service.

The customer received an apology and told Business Insiders that Walmart’s sales rep told her the issue was related to her service being discontinued.

By Jennifer StellmanWalmart is charging customers more for lawn mowers than other lawn equipment retailers, a study found.Walmart has been…

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